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Lehman Engineering Company

Course Format

Lehman Engineering is proud to sponsor the Electric Power Forum. These highly acclaimed seminars have been taught nationwide for the past 5 years and are being held in Virginia for your convenience.

It was conceived with industrial systems designers and electrical maintenance personnel in mind, knowing that it is usually difficult to break away from the day to day job responsibilities for too long a period.

By hosting a local seminar, we bring you top level instruction without the travel costs or time that usually prevents one from attending such a program.

Class size is limited to provide a comfortable learning environment and an easy interaction between you and the instructor.

The courses are structured so that the vigorous mathematics normally associated with technical studies is reduced. Importance is placed on being able to visualize the concepts in order to gain an authoritative understanding and a comprehensive overview of the subjects discussed.

Everyone will have the opportunity during & after class to ask questions and discuss any actual problems that your company has experienced, and the possible solutions to them.

Another advantage to Lehman Engineering Seminars is that our company is an independent firm with no electrical products to sell. This neutral impartiality allows us to educate without the fear of any bias or prejudice to any particular vendor's equipment or marketing strategies. We teach the underlying "generic" theory that can be applied to any product regardless of manufacturer.

It is said that "the mind can absorb only as much as the seat can endure!" The instructor has an enthusiasm for making engineering lectures and presentations humorous and entertaining as well as stimulating.

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